Repeat the offer. The lamp

Repeat the offer. The lamp I took a little squirrel and put her on a regiment.

Development of prosody Say the phrase What bee with different intonation.

What bee?


What bee!

with admiration.

What bee?


with a fright.

Call excess words in the offer.

Repeat the offer.

The lamp hung, shone, went out very brightly.

The lamp shone very brightly.

The boat rowed, floated, flied on the river.

The table, hung, sat, stood in the room.

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And thus

And thus The more strongly our children are able to love, the at them fists will be clenched less often, but especially they will passionately hate offenders, spiteful people, enemies of the Homeland, the more strongly, but they will not be weaker.

And thus they will never become embittered, will not begin to enjoy destruction.

The love and theoretically, and is almost stronger than the evil.

The tenday boy, just from maternity hospital got sick.

The female doctor came, examined it, prescribed medicine and, leaving, told: Please the child, please him more!

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Not to complain. Whenever

Not to complain. Whenever You should not hurry to accuse the teacher, but it is impossible to leave also the child one with his trouble: and the teacher abuses it, and houses damn In every way we will try to remove the conflict.

Not to inflate it, and to extinguish.

Not to row at school.

Scandal only worsens the relations, it is attempt to use the force, and by force it is impossible to change the attitude towards the child.

Not to complain.

Whenever possible not to complain of the teacher just as it is impossible to complain and of the child.

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Within the next

Within the next Then I asked it: And how about if I, having seen you the carriedaway another matter, right there I will interrupt and I will wait until you finish?

Tony told: All right.

Within the next hour to me time six was necessary to interrupt, but already on the following occupation I did it only three times.

So gradually Tony learned to look to me in the face when I told something, attentively to listen and quietly to sit during all occupation.

If you developed a logical consequence and it did not work but only aggravated the conflict, perhaps, you used not a so logical consequence.

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The child

The child The child can be grown up in love to the house, to parents, to friends; but to bring up the teenager and the young man, to give them a start in life on such house, perhaps, love it is almost impossible.

The teenager lives for people: it lasts to sublime, it needs not concrete justice, but the highest, torments him not only, why it bad it often and does not torment him and why people happen bad.

Its spirit is torn up, to the whole world, to it is close in a family circle, among house everyday talk.

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A tip of language

A tip of language To make roundabouts a language tip on the top and lower lips.

We paint a porch.

The mouth is closed.

To lick at first only upper teeth, then lower.

Further to lick teeth around.

We paint a ceiling.

A tip of language to see on the sky from a soft palate to upper teeth.

Bucket of the excavator.

We stack floors.

To spread language at the bottom of a mouth.

Development of speech breath and voice We nail window frames.

We drill holes a drill.

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Fight of thought

Fight of thought Fight of thought against desire, I will repeat an exact image of the psychologist of the last century, is a war of a clay pot with pigiron But I got on the party only consciousness, A.


Makarenko about colonists from Kuryazha writes, and it it was terrible a little My experience, by the way, resolutely claims that distance between elements of pure consciousness and direct muscular costs quite considerably the person can understand distinctly need to work and nevertheless to do nothing.

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